Registering to Play for the Dayboro Dingoes

All registration are to be completed online at -

Step 1:


Step 2:

All players and volunteers require a FFA number.

Anyone who has played or volunteered with FFA, anywhere in Australia in the past will have a number and this should be used.

  • If the player or volunteer has a number and password already, then proceed straight to registration via the login pages.
  • If the person has registered in the past but needs to find their FFA number, then proceed via the link to find and recover it.
  • If the person has never been registered before, then proceed to set up a FFA account and receive a number and password.
  • Children have their own FFA number, they are not registered under their parents’ numbers – in fact, their FFA number will follow them right through to their professional football career!

Step 3:

Check all the player/volunteer details – this is very important as club members are contacted using these details. Photos are NOT necessary for U6-U11 players.

U12 players will require photos, and these can be added later.

Coaches and Team Managers must provide photos and upload these when they register.

ID tags will then be printed and must be worn at games.

Step 4:

Type in Dayboro to search for the Dayboro Dingoes.

Step 5:

Select player registration (or “Coach” for Coaches and “Volunteer” for Team Managers ), then select the appropriate age group package for each player and “Add packages”.

The system will only display registration and package options that are appropriate for the age of the person being registered.

Age Groups are as follows:

  • Under 6 Players born in 2012 and 2013
  • Under 7 Players born in 2011
  • Under 8 Players born in 2010
  • Under 9 Players born in 2009
  • Under 10 Players born in 2008
  • Under 11 Players born in 2007
  • Under 12 Players born in 2006

Please choose “U6 – U11 2018 First player” for the oldest player in the family playing U6 – U11 and “U6 – U11 2018 Second player” for the second and subsequent children in the family playing U6 – U11.

All players in U12 are to be registered with the U12 2018 package.

Step 6:
Agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 7:
Pay online or manually. If paying online with a credit card, the transaction fee will be passed on to the payee. Select “Manual Payment at the Club” to pay by direct debit, cheque or cash.

Payment of fees is not required immediately if Manual Payment is chosen, however all fees must be paid by the start of the season.

If paying by direct debit to the Club’s account with the Credit Union, use the following details and the player’s surname as a reference.
BSB: 704-640
Account: 2204 6569

Please advise the Registrar if payments are to be split by different methods or by installments (note however that it is not possible to pay partly online and partly manually).

(Before payment check if you are eligable for a Get Started Voucher)

Step 8 :
The Club has no “additional questions” at this stage.

Step 9:


Step 10:

New players must have their Birth Certificate sighted by the Registrar to confirm their age, so come along to the Sign-on Day on Sunday 21 st from 9 – 12 at the Club House and also pick up socks, shorts and other paraphernalia.

Any questions to do with the use of the website or if FFA numbers for new players please contact (02) 8020 4199 between 9am - 5pm Monday – Friday (note that this is Daylight Saving Time).

For queries regarding the Club, FFA numbers for returning players, age groups and fee payment, please contact the Registrar, Fiona Patterson, on 0418 258 020 or email

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